What I Do

I am a Durham, North Carolina-based freelance web developer focused on content management solutions and high-quality front-end work. In addition to my work with individual clients, I partner with a number of design agencies to build out their concepts into full-fledged websites.

These days, I primarily work with Craft as my CMS of choice, but I also use WordPress, WooCommerce, ExpressionEngine, Shopify, and develop custom PHP and Javascript apps.

By working with a network of other freelancers and small agencies, I can serve the needs of a wide range of projects, from small sites for local businesses to complex projects involving branding, copywriting, and custom development. Whatever your needs, get in touch and we can discuss how I might be able to help.

Recent Work

Hawaiian Vanilla Company

Hawaiian Vanilla Company

In partnership with Neversink

…And many more, including projects for multi-national brands that I’m not allowed to talk about publicly. (Just ask, and I will tell you more about those!)

CMS Plugins

I have developed many custom plugins for the Craft and ExpressionEngine content management systems. In many cases these were created specifically to provide custom functionality for a particular project, but whenever possible I try to release them publicly for others to use. I am also available to create custom plugins for other developers - get in touch if you have a custom development need…I can probably help!

My plugins are available on:

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